The first High Priest and King of Jerusalem Melchizedek is the original holder of the Holy Grail, Which he passed on to Abraham Melrose Lodge of St John is said to have been in existence since 1136 And retains the Number 1 of the Lodges in Scotland. Mel represents Melchizedek the priestly Line. The Rose is the Kingly bloodline of England.

Jesus the Freemason

Jesus giving the sign of a Freemason, Jesus is shown here in a church in Cheadle, Staffordshire, England, giving one of the 33 different signs associated with the Freemasons.

Jesus the apprentice

Jesus is attired in his entered apprentice cloak, holding the square with his Master Joseph, in the church of St Paul
– St Louis Paris. France.

St Thomas & the square

St Thomas is the patron saint of building and architecture, and his symbol is the Square the symbol associated with the Freemasons. Ironically the Gospel of St Thomas is left out of the Bible.

The Skull & crossbones

Canterbury Cathedral, England.
The symbol of mortality. The Skull is the head of John the Baptist, one the patron Saint’s of Freemasons. The symbol the cross to the Freemasons represents the time period of 1 year, and is an integral part of their Calendar.

The skull in the hands of Blackfriar

The Skull is the head of John the Baptist, one of the two patron Saints of the Freemasons. The Blackfriars were the teachers of the brotherhood, they taught from the gospel of St Thomas, the patron Saint of Architecture, his symbol is the Square the symbol of a Freemason.


The teachers of the Gospel of St Thomas, the patron saint of Architecture, whose symbol is the square the symbol of a Freemason.

Ancient history at the city of London school

The School of the Brother-hood, which is attached to the Priory of Sion, which is situated next door

To attend this school you must have been a Choirboy from the Temple Church or a Choirboy from St James Place

The subjects taught at this school were associated with nature and science.


Moses is always shown with a pair of horns upon his head, the word Horns in Hebrew has an associate word, which is Veil.

The Freemasons use the Veil to hide all of their mysteries.

The Devil

In order to hide the true teachings of the adopted son of the Egyptian Pharoah, ie Moses, the horns have become associated with the occult and the Devil.

Find out why?

The Veil

The mysterious veil hides the true secrets that are associated with the Holy Grail.

The word veil in Hebrew also means Horns, which is why whenever there are horns in a scene, the mysteries behind the Holy Grail can be found.

Solomon the Temple builder

The first Grand Master of the Freemasons and the builder of the second Temple at Jerusalem. It is not just a coincidence that every Religion wants a base at Jerusalem.

Find out why?

The Ark of the Covenant

This Electrical Transmitter that communicated to God. Was the ONLY reason that the Temple was built by King Solomon at Jerusalem. It produced endless amounts of free Electrical energy. The priests who carried The Ark were clothed in leather garments which protected them from electrical shocks.

Find out who gave Moses this electrical Transmitter, and what free energy could do for the world today?


The young prophet Samuel is presented with his apron to the high priest Eli. This scene from a church in Drumoyne Sydney, Australia, shows the young Prophet Samuel with his gold Grand Masters apron being presented to the high priest in charge of the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, Eli. The bible informs us the Lord personally communicated with Samuel, via the Ark of the Covenant and instructed him to choose David to be King of Israel.

St Pauls Cathederal, London

The Brothers beneath the Veil of Secrecy with the serpent one of the symbols of a Freemason.

St John the Baptist

St John the patron saint of Freemasons, is shown baptizing Jesus with the Holy Grail.

This scene illustrates that it is John who is the master and in possession of the Holy Grail, he has chosen to pass on the knowledge that is associated with the Holy Grail to Jesus.

St John baptising Jesus

St John the patron saint of Freemasons, is shown baptizing Jesus with the Holy Grail.

This scene illustrates that it is John who is the master and in possession of the Holy Grail, he has chosen to pass on the knowledge that is associated with the Holy Grail to Jesus.

Holy Grail & bloodline of Jesus

Is the Bloodline of Jesus the true path to discover the Holy Grail?
Dan Brown states it is in his book the Da-vinci code.

Come on a journey to discover the real truth behind the Holy Grail.

Mary Madgeline & the Holy Grail

Christchurch Cathedral New Zealand

The Hebrew meaning of the name Mary, is the perfect one, or Princess or Queen. Mary the perfect one is shown here anointing Jesus with the Essence from the Holy Grail, which she as the Goddess brought to the venue.

Mary Madgeline & the Shell

The Goddess

The Goddess is the central theme surrounding Masonic knowledge. Starting with Eve, moving on to Isis, then progressing on to Ruth, and progressing still further to Mary the mother, and finally ending with Mary the bride of the Rabbi Jesus.

We know that Jesus was a Rabbi as it is stated in St John chapter 3, verse 1 Jewish Rabbi’s are obligated to marry and be fruitful and multiply. The Goddess shown here in St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney Australia, built by the chosen Ambassador of England the Governor of N.S,W. Lochlan Macquarie, a Freemason. It highlights all of the mysteries associated with knowledge, the apple, the serpent, the horns, the stars above her head and the Goddess herself.

The Queen of England

The Queen of England is the Patron or head of the Freemasons.
If there was a King on the throne of England he would normally hold the position of Grand Master of the Freemasons.

During England’s influential heyday where it’s Empire controlled 60 % of the known world, the Royal Family’s bloodline was assured, as no Freemason would countenance any act of treason.


The female Princess associated with the Freemasons.
No Masonic meeting starts without first reading a passage from the book of Ruth. The great grandmother of King David, whose ancestors ruled over the kingdom’s of Europe and Russia.

According to Jewish legend Ruth was a Princess, of the Moabite tribe of Eglon. The Moabites were founded by the daughters of Lot, Abraham’s step brother. Ruth renounced her own faith to follow the God of her Israelite husband Boaz. Boaz being one of the two pillars associated with Freemasonry. Her statement thy God shall be my God, is shown underneath her image.

The Buddha and the Pearl

The Buddha holds the pearl, which can be found in only a few Clam Shells, Buddhism states that there are 1001 ways to discover the mysteries associated with the pearl. Freemasons are told there are 101 ways to discover its mysteries.

The Buddha and the White Pearl

The Buddha holds the White Pearl, taken from the Clam-Shell. It is usually depicted in the mouth of the Serpent, the symbol for wisdom.

The Buddha and Swastika

Nan Tien Temple Australia.

Swastika by the Guildsmen

Christchurch Cathedral New Zealand

The ancient symbol associated with ISIS is emblazoned upon the walls by the Guildsmen ( Freemasons) in their church built in 1885, fifty years before the despot Hitler, adopted the Swastika as his symbol to rid the world of the Jewish people, and to become the ruler of his new world.

The American one dollar note

The allseeying in the pyramid on the one dollar note, refers to the Egyptian Diety Horus who was born through an emaculate conception by his parents Isis and Osiris. In Freemasonry the allseeying eye, watches your every move and keeps you on that straight and narrow path to God.

The Allseeing Eye on the Masons Apron

The Allseeing Eye

The church of St James El Compostel Santiago Spain.
The allseeying eye is placed above the altar. In the original headquarters of the Knights Templars, the magnificent church of St James whose symbol is the Shell, at Santiago which is named after John the Baptist. To understand the significance of the symbol the Eye, which is associated with the Egyptian Diety Horus, who was born through an immaculate conception by his Goddess mother Isis, is to begin to discover the big picture.

The word ISRAEL is the ancient threefold word for God, and is translated as follows.
IS represents ISIS the Mother.
RA represents the Egyptian Sun God.
EL represents the ELOHIM the bringers of wisdom, from the book of Genesis.
The interpretation of the word ISRAEL means, I AM SUN GOD.

The ISIS Door

The ISIS door leads into the most important building in the world, it is situated at the Temple in London.

The decisions made here are the ones that influence the events that shape our world. The letters IISS, which veil the word ISIS are the reason the two pillars of American society the World Trade Centre, were destroyed by Islamic militants on the 11th September the ninth month of the year.

Amos, Chapter 7 Verse 7

Once a year in every Lodge this passage from the book of Amos is quoted to the Masters who are in attendance. It is from this passage in the Bible that the bombings in London took place on the 7th of the 7th.
Islam sent a warning to the Children of Israel, to take heed of the Prophet Amos’s prior warnings as recorded in the bible.

As stated in Amos 1 verse 6
Thus saith the Lord I will not turn away my punishment, you delivered up the whole captivity to Edom, and remembered not the brotherly covenant.

Amos 2 verse 4
Thus saith the Lord I will not turn away my punishment, because you have not kept the Law, and kept my commandments.

Amos 2 verse 6
Thus saith the Lord I will not turn away my punishment, because you have sold as slaves the righteous for silver, and the poor you have sold for a pair of shoes.

Chapter 7 verse 7
Explains to the Israelites that they must put aside their assumptions of being the chosen race of God and to treat there neighbours as equal, and to follow a strait and undeviating line, which was known as the plumbline, through the commandments to God.

The Good Samaritan

The story of the Good Samaritan is told in every church, it reminds us that we must try to help our neighbours in everyway that we can.